the double!icon dump




name. iconrebel
birthday. September 19, 2006
purpose. double the pleasure, double the fun; icons, oh the icons
layout. version 2.0 featuring Kurosaki Ichigo of Bleach
visit. iconrebel?

Ah, yes. Iconrebel - the joint community between my sister and myself, where we post icons that only we like. Good times are had, indeed. Iconrebel was born when we discovered that she makes amazing icons (all around) but especially out of actual people and I kinda like to color manga. Together? Any kind of icon a truly dedicated El-Jay user would need. Not really.

We update in batches, and honestly there's no telling when the next update will be or who will make it. The best way to tell is by checking the default icon - if it changed since you last checked, chances are it was updated. If you visit - go for Dreah's icons. They're amazingly well done and she makes them out of everything. David Bowie, people. That's reason enough.






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