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name. The Mugiwara Organization
birthday. June 15, 2003
sibling. luffy.nu
purpose. Outlet for my pent up love of One Piece
check-out. a pirate's life for me º challenge life

Straw-hat.org is actually my oldest domain to date and the one that is the most underappreciated. After 4 years on the internet, we still have not had a proper first version and it's very long overdue revamp is still being plugged away at. Despite all this, let me just say that it is my most beloved domain - the one I don't see myself parting with any time in the near future and the one that represents my biggest passion - One Piece.

Let's face it: everyone loves pirates. It's basically common knowledge at this point. So combine that with rubber heroes, devil's fruit, monster infested seas on the way to a legendary treasure and skeletons with afros? Well folks, that's just a recipe for instant win. Arguably the smartest, freshest, and most daring manga I've ever come across, the Mugiwara Organization will house everything related to the the best manga ever the best manga ever that my spastic little self can accomplish.

Projects include finishing my tribute to Usopp, a mini-shrine to Portugas D. Ace, and an eventual tribute to The Men of D. I'm shaking with excitement, so you must be dancing. More information can be found at the actual domain. When it finally comes off hiatus. Keep doing the jig until then.

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